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We understand that your home is your castle, whether it’s that solid base for family life or the open door for friends and parties we know the pride you hold in the home you have created. Let us design you a kitchen you’ve never imagined, let us create that extra space every growing family needs. We will take you through each step from architectural drawings, plans, designs, permissions to construction and installation. The result will be fantastic but at House Of Building we do not rate ourselves simply by the destination, for us it is the journey that counts.

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Design, create & inspire

For some people visualising what they want comes naturally. For others it is harder to see what is not already there. If you have your vision, share it with us. We will have it drawn up, designed and delivered just as you envisioned. If your vision is not yet within your grasp our creative designers will work with you to produce Landscape imagery, CAD Design or 3D Renders giving you the perfect picture for your project.

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Building Renovations

Speak to us about your extension, conversion or refurbishment of your property. Our skilled carpenters can create the most intricate structures from plans and drawings which will become the framework of the newest part of your home. Creating more space whatever the reason can add value. We have an outstanding track record throughout Surrey.

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Interior Renovations

Your interior renovation project could be brightening the walls to bring life to a room or renewing your kitchen area to better accommodate your growing family or entertaining. We can design your kitchen or bathroom to make the best use of the space, the colours and themes that are right for you. Please get in touch, we can’t wait to create!

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