Invest in the Future, Embrace a Sustainable Lifestyle with Renewable Energy Solutions.

With increased focus on the effects of global climate change we are committed to providing renewable energy sources that contribute to a greener planet and reduce pollution levels. As electricity prices continue to rise we can recommend ways to reduce your costs whilst protecting the future.

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There are many changes that we can make, that will have a positive impact to our world. Our experts can assess the suitability of various energy saving solutions for your home and work with you to implement changes.

solar panel installation

Solar Panels

At House Of Energy we provide a range of solar panels and installation types to suit your needs, providing both inlay and mounted systems. Our solar panels are installed with an inverter as standard so that you can easily monitor how much energy you are generating. We offer battery storage systems which will allow you to store energy to be used in the event of power outages or just through the darker winter days.

Electric Car Charging

Electric car charging points are fast becoming a necessity in the home as more people move to electric cars. At House Of Energy, we install car chargers based on our assessment of what is most suitable for you. These can be free standing or wall mounted, as required. An at home electric car charger is a great and convenient way to avoid unnecessary trips to a costly charge port. Allowing you to safely and easily charge your electric car while you’re at home.

EV charging point installation
ground heat pump installation

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an excellent energy efficient alternative to a regular gas boiler, they extract heat from the air and transfer that inside the home, keeping your household warm. Air source heat pumps can be up to 300% more efficient than a regular gas boiler and can be just as cost effective.

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